Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crabbing with my amigo

These past three days been great at children's museum and Spectacle Island. so many crabs caught, a lot of kids went home happy and learned some new things. Crabbing seems to be the popular thing at children's museum. when they do catch a crab it feels like as if they have caught a fish.  

       At children's museum it was nothing but fun. I had great time over there with the kids, teaching them new thing and educating them. When kids come to us they ask if they can go crabbing with the fishing rods instead of fishing with the fishing rods. In my opinion crabbing is quicker and funner than fishing,  I think the kids agree with me too. A lot of the kids aren't afraid to touch the crabs and hold them but yet the adults be the ones running.  
crabbing comes easy 

There they go!

That's my man Chris' first time fishing and first time catching a crab. I was happy for him and  he was supper happy about his first catch!

Catch Later,

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