Monday, July 22, 2013


Dante racing to give me a high five
A day at spectacle is always great, but meeting a new group of kids is always the best. It's fun having a job that educates kids on marine life, but it's even better when the kids can connect with you. Revere Public School is a group over the years that I have met countless times, but not once has there ever been a time where I have had such a blast playing Frisbee, kickball and tag. The kids are so active and energetic they make me sometimes question my athleticism. I have met Dante so many times but hearing he was a natural at sports were just words to my ears until last Thursday. We played kickball at the top of the island by the Gazebo and each kick we had to climb down the hill to retrieve the kick ball. He is full of energy and a great sport. He loved letting others in the group kick the ball over and over, but when he got to the plate, his team knew he would hit the ball out of the park!

Calvin hanging off a sign
I also met Calvin from RPS. He was my catcher when we were playing kickball, and he was great. At first he was nervous to compete against Dante, but when he caught Dante's kickball, Calvin's happiness was through the
roof. He was enlightened and his confidence was boosted. It made me happy to see him happy! Spending the whole day with half of RPS was something new. Usually I spend part of the day with a group or multiple groups, but I had a chance to sit and bond with this particular group, and it was the best experience so far this summer. They made working in 90 degree weather for a week straight much easier! I am looking forward to seeing this group again on All Access sometime this summer. It was a good day!

-Ahmed Hassan

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