Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Return to All Access

After not having the opportunity to be on All Access for the past year of working here, I was finally able to attend an All Access trip to Georges Island this past week. The day started off with the greeting of the various groups, and they were led into the Heineken VIP tent to color various pictures of marine life. Afterward the groups were led into the massive Bank of America Pavilion tent to listen to David Coffin's infamous speech about Georges Island. His Georges Island speech was geared towards giving the groups a friendly scare about the "Lady in Black". His Georges Island speech was also very informative because David made sure to include several facts about the sprawling Fort Warren. At last, it was time for the groups to head to Commonwealth Pier. 

Ahmed, myself, and Manny leading a game of kickball

When we reached Georges Island everyone had lunch where David Coffin and my sister Thi would engage in cherry pit warfare. My job for the day was to accompany Davis with the sports. Davis brought a plethora of sports equipment with him such as whiffle ball, kickball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer. Ahmed, Manny, and I set up a large scale game of kickball with at least 15 persons on either side. The kickball game was especially fun when it got to the JPA's turn because we would literally blast the kickball to astronomical heights. Ahmed and I led our team to an easy victory, with the score being 11-1. All in all I had a very fun jam-packed day with the kids and my fellow coworkers.

The kickball group!

Catch you later,

Vinh Tran

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