Friday, July 19, 2013

The Heat Can't Hold Us Back

Crabs hate NY
A slow start to the week begins with 92 degree weather and lots of sun. This is a funny way to start the week, but in a good way. The day started off slow, but I met a bunch of funny little ones today. The kids were greatly amused when I made the crabs fight. The heat was the only problem. I spoke to a family from Oakland, California and they are new in town. They moved to Boston recently and the kids loved the east coast. They had two kids one child's name is Amadu. He is four and loves fishing. It was a great day, the family was interested in everything we are about at Save The Harbor/Save The Bay. They want to sign up for All Access and loved what we did for them. It was a successful day.

My Pet Crab, Savage!
The walk to Southie's Harry McDonough Sailing Center was horrific. All and all the heat tried to power us down but it didn't work. We powered through it all and stayed strong and determined to enjoy the rest of the day. After arriving at the sailing center we were over populated at the site which is a relatively good thing, but some of us went back to the office and blogged. All and all it was a wonderful day!

-Ahmed Hassan

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