Friday, July 19, 2013

Mystery Boat

     At the Children's Museum a mysterious boat has dropped anchor at the pier.  It is not part of the Boston Tea Party, but it is a replica of a boat from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Black Pearl.  The boat actually says "Black Pearl" on it.  It just floats out in the pier without moving because it actually has no sails.  I believe that another boat must have tugged it there.  I would like to see the boat up close.
Pirates Pier
      What amazes me about the boat is that all the children have yet to seen it.  I guess it is true that if you hide something in plain site it will stay hidden.  When this boat leaves I will be very sad because the boat and I have become friends.  I show kids the boat, and they ask me about it non-stop.  I have even come up with a story about how it got there.  I tell them the pirates were shrunk by a witch that the pirates tried to steal from and that is why the boat is so small.  I also tell them that the boat is there because they plan to steal from all of the naughty kids that disobey their parents.  Sometimes kids will believe anything you tell them.


Unknown said...

I was on my boat last night and saw the model. I would like to know who put it there. The thing is really cool

Unknown said...

I was on my boat last night and also saw the model. I think someone
dropped a moring for it. Can anybody tell me who put it there. it's really cool