Friday, July 19, 2013

Yesterday and today were the best days ever. We tried a lot of new activities with the kids that got them excited to learn more about the ocean around us.
Yesterday at Courageous in Charlestown, we didn't catch any fish, but we were fortunate enough to catch crabs and starfish. Sarah, the junior program assistants, and myself created activities for the kids that allowed them to have a better understanding about fish, the ocean, and how we impact our local environments. The kids learned how to reduce pollution by not throwing trash and other materials that don't decompose into the ocean.  They also learned what they can do to protect our ocean in order to keep it clean and beautiful for future generations to enjoy.
how to protect our ocean

     Today at Charlestown, we talked about adaptations that fish develop to live and survive in their environments. This included talking about the different types of fins and mouths that fish have. It was fascinating to learn that you can tell where a fish feeds and what it eats just by looking at where its mouth is located on its head. The kids were excited to apply this new  knowledge of fish adaptations by creating their own fish to then present to the rest of the kids.

Teach them adaptation of the fish.

Feel free to come anytime for fishing at Charlestown and Charles River. We would like you to know more about the creatures under the sea and how to protect them.
Thank you!!

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