Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beautiful Sunny Day

Today was my first time at Spectacle Island all day long I was in charge of taking all the pictures going from the sports, the fishing and the sea glass search.  When we finished lunch everyone went to there own activity, first I went with the fishing group and documented the kids that couldn't wait to fish and see what they would catch in the water. Thi was surrounded by kids that were interested about learning how to fish. At the same time kids were looking for green, blue, red, orange and, brown sea glass. The kids really like to find the colorful glass on the beach they enjoy comparing what colors they find and how big the glass is.
Thi working hard 
Then when I walked up to the beautiful meadow where the teams had started a kick ball game both teams where delighted to be playing.  The smile on the kids faces displayed the joy we have created with sports and keeping them active.  Everyone was a good sport and at the end of the game everyone shook hands and was ready to go cool off at the beach with the refreshing cold water in the harbor.
the last run in the kick ball game 
Then out of the blue, while everyone was getting out of the water, big waves came and everyone jumped back in to the water.  It was an amazing day to be at the beach with the heat and all the sports that were played there wouldn't have been a better way to stay cool.

Over all today was a great day to take pictures and see everything that happens on the island when Save the Harbor is there.
Just keep swimming -Jennifer

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