Monday, July 29, 2013

Sun we don't deserve this.

     Saturday I woke up in this hot weather and remembered that I had to go to the Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival, it was my first time going to Revere Beach so I brought my swim suit, food, sandals, and everything one needs to enjoy a day at the beach. I put my feet in the sand on my way to meet the rest of the STH group and on my first step I felt like my whole body was on fire. They were a lot of activities happening at the beach: bands were playing, girls were dancing, people were eating from a lot of food trucks with different food from various countries, and  a lot of people from several countries were there to compete in a sand sculpting competition.

my favorite sculpting.
 The Children Museum's staff were presenting different puzzles to solve and we at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay were presenting our very own tank with lobsters that people were excited to touch. There was no breeze at the beach to save us from the heat. We even we put our feet in the water but was so hot that it made us feel even hotter. We got to see the sculptures and they were beautiful. The competitors were working hard under the sun, which made us feel bad because they couldn't take a break from the intense heat. All in all it we had a good time at Revere Beach.

Until next time ..Peace!!!!!!!!
                                                            Myriam Annie Desir.

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