Friday, July 26, 2013

Welcome to Boston!

Today was a great day at Community Boating on the beautiful Charles river. It was even better for me because it was my first time kayaking! I have always seen people kayak on the Charles having been born and raised in Boston (East siiiiide) so it came very easy to me. It was really fun getting out there in the water and working out my muscles; kayaking is tough for an extended period of time! The cold water was a huge relief from the heat due to the blazing sun beaming down on us at 9AM on a Wednesday morning. Despite the sun and its malevolent rays of death, we were still able to enjoy our peaceful ride atop the Charles river. For some kids, it was a wonderful and new experience as well. There was a young girl from Denmark and two brothers from Alaska. They loved the sights just as much as I did and it was great to experience it with them!

First time Kayaking!

My favorite part of today's lovely kayak ride was the beautiful view of the Boston skyline and other fascinating sites. Since this was my first time out on the Charles, I never seen Boston from this point of view. I was definitely missing out on such an amazing experience. It is just so peaceful and nice to be out on the water. Once again, I have done something I probably would not have done and its all because of Save the Harbor. I am truly grateful for these opportunities and experiences and cannot wait to experience more!

Awesome explorers and a beautiful view
Famous Citgo sign!
Out on the waters!

We even experienced a little floating lesson on how the trash is affecting our waters! It was amusing to me, as Sarah informed us of the dangers of trash, to see the children floating in front of her in their kayaks listening. We were a school of fish but we actually learned, we did not just kayak together. It was a great and interesting experience and I learned a lot from my senior marine educator! I learned that some whales who mainly eat jelly fish mistakenly eat plastic bags with no nutritional value. Since these massive whales eat in massive quantities, their accidental diet of plastic bags causes them to starve and sadly pass away. So the next time you go shopping and the clerk asks you "Paper or plastic?" save a whale, grab some paper!

A good Ol' Sarah B. lesson!


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