Monday, July 29, 2013

The BEST Gift Anyone Can Ask For!

Hey Guys I'm Back and I can't WAIT to tell y'all about my trip on All Access,

      So Thursday was my first trip on All Access... EVER! The trip was exhilarating, adventures, and most of all amusing-- from playing kickball, remembering the jeers from eight year boys and girls cheering, "Girls rule and boys drool" or even "Girls suck at sports!''

Unfortunately (Joking) Ahmed's winning team at Kickball

Me and the children from B.A.S.E Camp

At first the trip was horrible for me, because of the boat ride-- I tend to get sea sick, ugh! However, as soon as we docked, the trip was super fun...

First I played a round of kickball-- it was hilarious watching how the guys did not want to be on the same team as the girls and the girls demanded to be treated equally from the boys! Later, I took a group of five girls in to the dark cave to explore. Riley, Brianna, Hailey, Samantha, and Meghan all joined me into the cave. They were TERRIFIED! They all clutched my arms, shirt, and hands crying and yearning to leave. So when it was all over they were all in disbelief and shocked that they had made it out, alive! The best moment for me, that whole entire day, was when little Meghan came to me after and hugged me and thanking me for helping her conquer her fear of the dark. She said, "Thank you Anicia for helping me do what I always wanted to do!"-- which was the best gift I could have asked for.

                              Peace, Love, and Happiness,
                                           Anicia Gillespie

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