Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Slip n' Slide The Rain Away

Today, as expected, ended up being a particularly stormy day. While the weather kept many of the kids at Blacks Creek from coming out in the morning hours, the campers at Camp Harbor View were out in full force and ready to take on what the day had to offer.

It started out similar to most, with the weather holding off nicely, so we started our fishing club period on the pier. After only a short while however, a large thunderstorm could be heard in the distance. We immediately sent the kids to the great hall for safety, while the rest of the camp battened down for the coming downpour.  I regrettably found myself caught in the early minutes of the storm and, after being soaked clean through, had to seek shelter in the camp's boathouse along with the staff from Courageous Sailing.

After the worst had passed, the campers were released from the great hall to continue their regularly scheduled activities. Regrettably this period was also cut short by another storm band that rolled through the area.

As the thunder from this second onslaught faded into the distance and rain still fell, the camp re-released the campers. Instead of returning to their scheduled periods, much of the camp, without hesitation and as if planned in advanced, set up an impromptu slip and slide using the cover from the pool. It was awesome to see so many of the kids embrace what the day had given them, despite its relative unpleasantness.

Getting some distance on the lawn.
Fortunately the day ended with sun, as I am sure that the campers, as well as myself, thoroughly enjoyed the chance to dry off. The improvement in the weather also afforded my coworkers and I time to get a good start on the belated sign for shell beach.

Basking in the golden glory of the sun (and that of our almost completed sign)
Heres to not letting the weather get you down.

- Cheers, Tom Rebula

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