Friday, July 26, 2013

Fishing Tournament

                                                                                      Big smiles, we have a lot of fun .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Yesterday was cloudy. We had fishing trip in the ocean. At the morning, we arrived to Fan Piers to meet each other. We had two boxes of donuts and two bottles of coffee. It was for breakfast. We went to the dock and we got in the boat. There were five group in five boat. I was in a boat with four people. My group went to the ocean near Long Island, we stayed there and we started fishing, we put a fishing rod with six fishing hook into the ocean. We caught a stripe bass that was twenty two inches, but it wasn't enough size to get it, so we put it back into the ocean. 

We caught a stripe bass.

We went to mainland, Cyndi bought hot chocolate for us. We went back to the ocean, we were fishing, I caught seaweed three times. My teammates and I didn't get any fish at that time. We went back to the dock, we ate lunch, and we took the pictures with everyone. My group was the team that caught a biggest fish, the other group caught thirty little fish, so my group won, we got fishing rods. We have a lot of fun and a great day.

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