Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Solo but it's Always GoGo

           Hey Guys I'm Back!

  Last week was the most epic heat wave ever! Despite the heat, many parents, adults, and kids came to visit us at the Children's Museum! Earlier in the week it was only Iris and I at the museum, but even solo everything else was the same-- kids came rushing in and adults were also curious too!

Iris and I showing a group of parents and kids what we caught
Me, holding a fish I caught...with the help of the net of course!
    For the first time we started catching fish, in the crab traps of course! All the fish we caught were a decent size and were slimy! EW! I even called myself the fish whisper a couple of times, because I saved two fish!-- Once one small fish's head was caught in the net and wasn't able to move, so I knew just what to do! I jumped out of my seat and ran to the net to delicately pull the little head out of the net! I was elated that whole entire day!

All the crabs we caught packed together
In total, we caught about thirty crabs in one day! This was unheard of to me, so I had to take a picture of this metaphorical prize...

Although we are located at the Children's Museum, children are not the only ones invited! To my surprise so MANY adults had no idea hold to hold crabs, the difference between a girl or boy crab, or even that crabs are fortunate enough to grow back their limbs!
Chris and I showing and teaching adults how to hold crabs
Lastly, I caught our very first spider crab! It was HUGE... I was secretly scared to hold it!
1st Spider Crab we've caught
                             Peace, Love, and Happiness,
                                         Anicia Gillespie

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