Saturday, July 20, 2013

Staying Cool and Sandy at Revere Beach

 On the last day (fingers crossed!) of this oh-so-lovely heat wave, the International Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach was bustling with people of all ages, food trucks for all cuisines imaginable, and amazing sand art. Oh! AND Larry and Larrietta the Lobsters, of course! Save the Harbor/Save the Bay was stationed at the Interactive Kid Zone where several of our summer staffers were on hand to introduce curious kids to Larry and Larrietta, our two lobsters graciously donated by James Hook Lobsters. Many of the kids were hesitant at first, but after the initial, cautious prod at the lobster’s carapace, they immediately decided they wanted more and were eager to pick it up and pose for photos. From determining the gender of a lobster to guessing the location of a lobster’s teeth (they’re in its stomach! Whaaa?!?), our educators were able to teach kids and their adults lots of fun and important facts about lobsters and the Boston Harbor.

The youngest fan of Larrietta had to be dragged away
by her mother after spending well over half an hour at our table. 

Hung and Myriam talk lobsters with a crowd. 

The festival itself was a great time and I’m very happy that Save the Harbor was a part of it. In some of our down time we were able to roam the Kids Tent and check out the other tables (Museum of Science, Because Water, MWRA, DCR, etc.) And, we toured the sand sculpture exhibit, which was incredible. The amount of detail in every inch of each sculpture was so impressive. It was great to see so many people participating in this beach-focused event (we even ran into a few of our Harbor Explorer kids!) and the interest we saw from visitors to our table really shows that Bostonians are invested in and curious about the state of their harbor and beaches.

My personal favorite. 

Yeah we do! 

Until next time,
Go build a sand castle,
Sarah C 

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