Friday, July 19, 2013

The life of working with THE BEST !

Yesterday at McDonough Sailing Center, Sarah, Jazeel and I went to the the bridge with the kids to go catch some crabs. I went for the first time crabbing with them, and it was super fun. Mae and Abby were the most excited to go crabbing, and I was also very excited. They were all in the water splashing around. As soon as Abby saw a crab she would say" shhhhh everyone be quite I hear a crab".  I am still trying to figure out how she could hear the crabs under water.

They were always telling me to move the rocks so they can look under. I had to tell them that I was not the Hulk and could not move all the rocks in the water. It was a lot of fun laughing and talking with them. They were always trying to attack me because I did not want to go in the water. They LOVEEEE crabbing and so do I when I am with Abby and Mae.  They always make me smile. I have a very good time because they are always happy and always have a welcoming smile on their faces.

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