Monday, July 29, 2013

First Catch

Hi Everyone,

Today's adventure took us to the Boston Children's Museum. Since there was no trip scheduled for All Access Boston Harbor for Mondays, we decided to extend our time at the Boston Children's Museum 'til four. Today as we began setting up shop at the Museum,  I was hoping we would catch a stripe bass or any kind of big fish.

We didn't end up catching stripe bass.   However, we did catch a small flounder. As the day progressed the number of crabs caught rose steadily. Out of all the kids that showed up today, two stood out above the rest. This first was a boy named Chris. When I first met Chris he told me he had never fished before. Manny asked Chris if he would like to learn how to fish.  Manny taught Chris how to cast a fishing rod  and then moved on to reeling up the line. While they reeling up the line Chris was overjoyed to see that he caught a crab.
Here Is Manny with Chris after his first catch

 Chris rushed over to his mom to tell her his awesome news. After taking the crab off the hook and Chris and Manny placed it in the touch tank with the rest of the crabs. Chris quickly wanted to fish again to see if he could catch anything else. Chris was thrilled over catching a crab being his first time ever fishing.

Manny, Charlie, and I 

After lunch it was time for our afternoon session at the Children's Museum. During this session a boy named Charlie stood out. When we met Charlie his mother said fishing and anything marine life was Charlie's passion. Charlie was from Laguna beach in Southern California. He told me that he likes to spend his days fishing or crabbing at local beaches. Charlie did everything from fishing with us to learning how to pull up a crab trap. Charlie was able to catch a few crabs in one of the traps. After Charlie spent the afternoon pulling up crab trap after crab trap, and holding crab after crab learning which type of crabs he had caught, Charlie began teaching his mother what he learned today. As they were leaving, Charlie asked his mom if they could come back tomorrow.

Charlie helping Manny pull up a crab trap.

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