Friday, July 19, 2013

Splashed at Spectacle

As thursday rolled around again, I was so excited because on this day every week I am given the opportunity to get out of the office and join Save the Harbor staffers on an All Access Boston Harbor trip.  This is truly the best part of my week.  I get to spend my whole day outside, enjoying the sun, fresh air, and some really great people.  Because I do not currently live in the city, this opportunity to spend the day on Boston Harbor is very unique and exciting.

A great game of catch between the staff

This week All Access is taking each of their trips to Spectacle Island.  Spectacle Island does not only provide its visitors with a scenic view of Boston Harbor, it allows them to learn about the rich history of the island, explore the beautiful landscape, partake in an archaeological expedition of the “Treasures of Spectacle Island” along the beach, hike to the top of the North Drumlin to fly kites and see a 360 ­degree view of the harbor, or swim at the island’s beach.

David constantly used the football to splash me

Even though the island offers so many great options, the only thing I could think about all day was jumping in the water.  It was so hot out that day in Boston that I couldn’t wait to cool off and swim at Spectacle’s beach.  The staff and I started up a game of catch with each other and the kids.  There was one little girl named Amina that was just a little too short to participate on her own, so I decided to give her a little help.  Anytime she got the ball, we would work as a team to complete the perfect pass, with me lifting her up to get her to the right height to throw to another kid.  She has some great football potential!

Some of the children were a little apprehensive about swimming so Thi and Carolyn offered their help and gave them piggybacks in the water.  However, the demand for these piggyback rides grew quickly, and Carolyn was soon overloaded with children climbing on her backs.  Many of us experienced similar experiences.  When I taught the kids how to use the frisbee to splash and pour water on David, it was soon used against me.  Next thing I knew, two kids were climbing onto me, and I was sinking. Even though I got through that without going completely underwater, once I saw David coming in the water, I knew my streak of keeping my hair dry was over. As soon as David saw that I was still dry, he made it his goal to dunk me underwater. He quickly succeeded. Despite the outrageously hot weather, it ended up being a perfect day at Spectacle Island.

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