Monday, July 29, 2013

A Normal Day

     A normal day for me consists of fishing, crabbing, and kids.  Fishing is my favorite because it takes patience.  A lot of the kids at the Children's Museum do not have patience, and that is why they do not often catch anything.  On the other hand, I can wait on a fish for hours, I know they are out there, and I'm waiting to catch one.  After I fish, I like to crab.  Crabbing is fun and easy for the kids because they can just pull the net up and there are some crabs.
Spider Crab
     The kids are the most important part of the day.  Sometimes they come in bunches and sometimes they come one by one. It is hard when there are days when you only catch four or five crabs and seven kids want to hold them..  No matter how many there are, I am always ready to help whether it be ten or 1.

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