Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2014 Fan Pier Fishing Tournament!

     As always, around the end of July every summer Save the Harbor hosts a fishing tournament for the staff and select groups out in the harbor. Personally, the fishing tournament is my favorite event of the entire summer. For one day the staff gets to take a breather after working so diligently at program sites and go fishing out in the harbor on some beautiful boats. The day began with the staff enjoying a delicious breakfast courtesy of J.Pace. The breakfast gave everyone the fuel they needed to land a huge fish! Afterward the staff and some members of the local Boys and Girls Club were divided among the boats. From there it was game time!

Breakfast time!
     Seeing that I was the previous year's winner, I had high hopes for this tournament. I had the courtesy of being on the Legacy boat with my sister, Thi and my fellow coworker Abdi. In addition, we also had a member from the Boys and Girls Club named Jedidiah. A half hour into the harbor one of the lines bent over with the sheer force of a heavy striped bass. However, when I grabbed the rod and reeled it in the fish let go. I was disappointed, but I knew that the day was far from over. Our captain Rick tried a few of his secret spots but to no avail. Despite the letdown of not catching any fish this time around, I still had a spectacular time out on the harbor enjoying the cool breeze and the refreshing waves.

The staff with the winning fish!

-Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

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