Friday, July 25, 2014

Good Week, Blacks Creek

It was a fun week this week at Blacks Creek.  Even though we weren't able to be there for the whole week because of other events, the days we were there were very fun. When we got there we pulled out the crab trap and saw that we caught almost 30 crabs. This made all of the kids so excited that we started to build a little fort for the crabs to live in. Everyone started by digging out a big hole.  After that was done the kids started to put rocks around the fort and there was one kid who found a big rock to put in the middle. Then we filled it up with water and placed the crabs inside the fort. Some crabs were comfortable with it but some of the crabs tried to escape.
 After a while of just looking at the crabs and their new home, we went up to the field to play some kick ball. The kick ball game was very fun. The score was tied and each kid kept kicking the ball making home runs here and there. Then we decided to play a game of Uncle Sam and it was a fun game. There is usually a winner but this time the Uncle Sams were the winner but by that point everyone was an Uncle so everyone won. After we went back down to go look at the crab castle and we were glad to see that there were still crabs in there. As long as there are crabs, sand and sun we can have lots of fun there.

-Richard Marrero

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