Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fan Pier Fishing Tournament & A lot Of Fun

   Hello everyone,
       Tuesday was great day for me because it was Save the Harbor / Save the Bay's Fan Pier Fishing Tournament. It was nice weather, not really hot. Also it was my first time on a boat. I am really happy that I got a chance to go fishing on a boat. I really enjoyed the Fan Pier Fishing Tournament because it was fun being on a boat in the Boston Harbor. I started to learn to fish too. I did not catch any fish because I had never been fishing before. Hopefully, I will catch something next time, but my cousin, Roza, caught fish and we brought some home for dinner. I was really happy to eat fresh fish for dinner.


      My mom cooked the fish, and my family and I enjoyed a delicious and healthy fresh fish dinner. Fish was not really my favorite food but I really like it.

My sister eating fish with enjera 

Roza's mom cooked fish for dinner too which was different and very healthy. It was really delicious food. Also I learned how to cook fish with different things. Now fish has become my favorite food.

Fish with onion, oil, hot sauce and lemon 

See you on the water,


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