Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Haul Away Joe !

Haul Away Joe ! Haul Away Joe ! Haul Away Joe ! . The sailors chant
rung in my head soon after reciting my verse for the song . " It's

Some campers singing their verse
pretty catchy !" Tom added and I agreed . Haul away Joe , Haul Away
Joe ! I don't usually sing out like that , but man oh man was I proud
to say that I had accomplished my goal and sung In front of 300+
people on a boat that day . We then announced the Haul away Joe
competition in which any group of campers could sing their own verse
to Haul away Joe ! And the best singer gets FREE ice cream . At first
no one dared to stand up to the challenge of group did their verse ..
But what really caught my eye was this little girl with a soft
voice who asked if she could recite her version . She wasn't with a
group nor could i believe this , I had to ask twice to make sure what
I was seeing matched what I was hearing . She asked once more and I
turns on the mic and gave it to her . I could tell she was a bit
frightened and It reminded me of myself and without warning or second
thought I began to sing along with her . " Haul Away Joe ! " we sung
out together , and then the applause . I did not feel proud of myself
because I was too caught up in how brave and courageous she was . To
some it was just a song but to me it was more than that. It was a new
experience. I wanted to sing with her and follow in her foot steps .
It made me open up my mind to try other things to get me out of my
comfort zone . I was more ambitious and daring after that sing along
, and I appreciate her courage a lot more than she may ever realize .

- Chemar David

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