Thursday, July 24, 2014

My first experience with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay

At my first day working at the Save The Harbor and Save The Bay, I caught a big fish during the Fan Pier Fishing Tournament event. It was the first time I have been fishing in my life. I caught a really big striped bass, and it pulled very hard on the line. We kept the fish, and my mom cooked it with onions and tomatoes and hot peppers, it was delicious! We caught it using a live mackerel for bait. I learned that striped bass love to eat little fish since they are carnivores.

After the tournament we had lunch and saw some celebrities from the Red Sox. I also won a fishing rod for catching the striped bass! I am going to bring it to one of the harbor islands next time we go out! It was so much fun, and the boat was so fast. Our Captain was really nice, and was a huge help in catching some fish!


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