Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An amazing fishing trip

Hey it's Marco and this week has been the best week!  This week started off with catching  a stripe bass at the children's museum. As well as  catching green crabs and spider crabs. This past Thursday started off really early. I met every one at fan pier and then we all had breakfast together. Then later that morning we all went off on to the fishing boats, some of us stayed near the shore and others closer to the ocean. That day was a lot of fun in the end I never thought I would be one of the people to win one of the contests. I was able to bring some fish home to my family. The next night we had a cook out in our yard we grilled some of the fish I brought home. It was delicious.  Then on Friday the mlk staff had a meeting at BU. It was pretty cool. I will continue to say this but I am having a great summer and I can't wait to keep having fun the rest of the summer and enjoy spending time and having fun with people.
Holding the winning fish

Bringing my fish to the judge!
See you all on the harbor!


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