Monday, July 28, 2014

The Fan Pier Fishing Tournament


On Thursday, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay attended the annual Fan Pier Fishing Tournament. I woke up early with the hopes of reeling in the winning catch. I met the SHEs, LHEs, and JPAs at the Courthouse stop off the Silver Line, and we headed to Fan Pier. After we set-up the banners, unloaded water and snacks on the pier, and put on our official Fan Pier t-shirts, we had breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and juice. We were fueled by J. Pace's and were ready to start our journey on the sea.

We split up into teams and boarded the boats mixed with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Summer Staff and kids from the Boys & Girls Club. Each boat was equipped with rods, hooks, bait, water, and pretzels. Sam and I were the two Senior Harbor Educators aboard our boat. Sam was the first mate to the wonderful Captain Charlie, and I helped teach the kids how to fish and put the blood worms on their hooks when they were too squeamish.

(left to right) Candido, Myself, and Sam putting bait on lines

We were able to cruise on the water towards Spectacle Island, Long Island, and around the Boston Harbor. Capt. Charlie tried to find us the best spots to catch flounder, stripers, and other types of fish. I was so excited when every person on our boat was able to catch a fish. I caught an 11 inch flounder, but it was to small to keep. We threw it back in the water and wished it safe travels.

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay at the Fan Pier Fishing Tournament
We headed back to the dock around noon and met up with the other boats. We gathered around to see who caught the biggest fish. There were also guests from the Red Sox that were able to join us. After we took a group photo with our fish, we had lunch and cleaned up. All in all, it was a wonderful day.
See you on the water,

Iris Ayala

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