Monday, July 21, 2014

Lobster for dinner

This week at McDonough we caught more lobsters in the lobster trap. I got a chance to take three lobsters to my aunt's house for dinner on her birthday. At first no one wanted to take the lobsters home, but then Sam suggested to take them home because I told him it was my aunt's birthday. She had me cook the lobsters for the family and they were easy to cook. I grabbed a big pot and boiled water in it, then put butter in the pot. After a while I put one lobster in and let it sit for twenty minutes to cook. Then, I did the same with the second and third lobsters. The lobsters fed five people in our house out of nine- the other four didn't want to try them. This all happened last minute, I didn't expect to bring back dinner for my aunt and my family but the day ended well and the meal was great.

-Andy Gomez

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