Monday, July 28, 2014

Boston Seafood Festival Prevails Through Storm

Despite the unfortunate weather the Boston Seafood festival on the Historic Fish Pier was more than a success. I helped run  a tent where we offered the art of fish printing. Sure, kids could have just colored or painted sea themed pictures, but fish printing is a rare art form not many get to experience!

We were fortunate enough to get a donation from a local fish monger which included large whiting,  summer and winter flounder, all beautiful fresh specimens! The printing started immediately. I set up color stations of ink which would compliment each other, and kids would pick what schema they wanted. Purples, pinks and reds seemed to be the most popular!! After the kids inked the fish with what ever design they chose, we would help them lay the rice paper and imprint the fish! Some kids got attached to their artwork which was funny to see, so we let them carry their piece away with them.

When we were not fish printing, we were taking a look around the festival and trying the seafood cuisine! We even ran into Johnny Depp which was pretty cool to see! :)

Now that I have so many fish prints, I have the means to construct a mural! It will begin this week!


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