Monday, July 28, 2014


Wow! Ever since our group discovered that corn would be good bait we have been using it non-stop at Community Boating. Also, the fact that we have been catching fish and showing them to the kids made them believe that it is possible to catch fish out of the river, which is why a few more kids have been joining us to go fishing. We have been catching so many that we began running out of room for them.!

We also got a chance to use our underwater camera and it was very exciting. To be honest, I thought that we wouldn't see anything from the underwater camera but we actually did! Guess what we saw? Sunfish! Next week, maybe we can try going to a different location in the Charles River to see what else we will find with the underwater camera.

We have recently had a new goal; which is to catch a catfish from the Community Boating site. We still have not reached that goal yet but we will continue to try and are determined that we will catch one.

Using our underwater camera

At Courageous Sailing Center we haven't been catching any fish. On the other hand, we have been catching a whole lot of crabs from our traps! A bunch of green crabs, some red rock crabs, and starfish. Of course with the help from our little strong explores! The best part is the end of the day we always enjoy freeing our little friends back into the water.

Catch you later,

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