Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fan Pier Fishing Tournament

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I have never actually been fishing on a boat before, so the Fan Pier Fishing Tournament was absolutely something new for me. I have fished off of docks plenty of times at the McDonough Sailing Center and the Children's Museum, but fishing off a boat was a very cool experience! At first my team waited and waited around Castle Island to see if we could catch anything. Then we went passed Spectacle Island, Long Island, and George's Island to see if we would get a nibble out there, but we did not. Unfortunately, we couldn't seem to catch anything. While coming back, I heard the captain of the boat say that the water or fish was "breaking", which I guess meant that there were many fish from where we were initially before we moved. I learned that I can not really be a fisherman, because to fish you need a lot of patience and I am not a patient person. I would much rather just put the line down and spend 5 minutes fighting/reeling in a fish, than just sit there and wait until something tugs at my line. I would still do it again because it was a good experience and I actually want to catch something next time. Also meeting Jenny Dell, Will Middlebrooks, and Jackie Bradley Jr. was amazing too!

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Will Middlebrooks and I

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