Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot day at Piers Park

This week at Piers Park we caught the most crabs we have ever caught before. The kids were so amazed in how many crabs we caught. There were over twenty crabs, two rock crabs and the rest were green crabs.
In the past few weeks we weren't getting any crabs, so we decided to leave the crab trap over night to see if we could catch more and it worked. The kids love to play with and pick up the crabs, they also love doing crab races but sometimes the kids play to much with the crabs that they're to tired for the race. They also love the game drip, drip, drench -we played it before we went out to the docks. They have so much fun, they never stop laughing and their energy never gives out.

kids pulling up the crab trap

-Andy Gomez

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