Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rain? That's not gonna stop us.

Nothing but happy faces

On Tuesday during my commute to work I noticed the skies were very cloudy, and while on my way to Quincy I saw humongous dark clouds along with small drips of rain.  The weatherman had said it was going to storm all day and we were worried we were not going to have any children show up at Blacks Creek.  Tom, Chemar, Richard and I waited patiently and at 9:15 when it was raining hardest one of our funniest children arrived, Tommy.  He ran out of his mothers car into the rain jumping around and smiling.  You would think he just won the lottery with his high level of enthusiasm.  His mother asked if he could stay and since there was zero thunder or lightning we said yes.  Normally people feel pretty down on rainy days but Tommy's enthusiasm to be at the program and have fun that day was enough to change anyone's vibe to a more positive and joyous one.

Launched a cannon with that kick
great catch!!!!!!!

As the day continued the rain stopped and the sun made an unexpected appearance. More of the children who had been scared away by the rain began to come.  We even played kickball for the first time with the kids, which they fell in love with and have wanted to play everyday since we introduced it.  It is one of my favorite games to watch the children play because they are all able to showcase their athleticism and they take it very seriously, which leads to some very entertaining games.  Some of them were so fast I thought they were gonna get me out at times.

- Maxwell Kennedy-Reid

Trying to run and almost falling
Why are they so fast?

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