Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fun and Best Monday

Monday is boring most of the time, but this Monday was fun at Courageous Sailing Center and a lot of kids were with us. I really enjoyed this Monday. Some kids were scared of the crab but most of them really enjoyed it. I was taking pictures of the kids and all the kids seemed to like the sea and fishing. I had the best Monday playing with the kids and seeing them happy with us. The kids were playing with jellyfish and they like them. I am scared of crabs the kids were very scared to touch the crab.

The kids are touching the crab
    Monday was a sunny day at Courageous Sailing Center. We had a group of 18 students and we caught a lot of crabs. All of the kids were happy. We work last week at Courageous Sailing Center, but this week seems more fun. I like to have a lot of kids because it is more fun to hear a lot of different ideas from different people.  Some of the kids like the crab, but some of the kids did not like the crab.
The kids are trying to see the crab

See you on the water,

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