Thursday, July 24, 2014

On the Boat

During Wednesday we faced one of the hottest days yet it was high 90’s with some humidity and there was not an ounce of shade to be found, luckily this was the day for our boat trip!  So we were out on the water and the hot 90’s felt like a high 80’s due to the lovely breeze out on the water which cooled us down.  Charlie found one of the greatest fishing spots for the kids because we were able to catch about 15 fish that day and the children were able to bring it home to their families, which is always nice to see because fish can be quite expensive these days and is a special treat to many American families in these economic times.  The looks on some of our first time fishers faces when they caught their first fish was priceless.  It was a mix of happiness, shock and fear.  They were happy because they caught the fish, shocked because they actually caught it and in fear because its was flopping on the deck.  It is also always a tradition for someone to catch a skate and try to keep it.
getting the fishing rods ready for the kids
skate catches are the best catches

It was one of our better days because normally when we are at Camp Harbor View we catch a lot of crabs and skates but when we were able to bring the kids on the boat they were able to catch a lot of fish and see that they were all phenomenal fishermen.  It was also an amazing day because we were able to hang with Charlie, one of the funniest, kindest most helpful fishermen I have had the chance to meet
Captain Charlie

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