Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Come one, come all! Stay away from the sun, and play with some chalk.

For some, the sun may not be our best friends during hot blazing days. Luckily, the Children's Museum provides a tent for us and I provided some the chalk. I am not an artist but what does it matter. The kids and I drew or doodled what our minds desire. Art is art and it's it's special because it's unique to each and every single individual.

The point is to have some fun, to engage with the books and learn and interact with sea creatures.  It is nice to hear that the kids do care about the lives of these creatures that they probably don't know very much about. They ask in a concerned voice "So what is going to happen to them?" or even tell us that we need to put them back in the harbor where they belong. I tell them that this organization is suppose to be a catch and release organization.

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