Thursday, July 24, 2014

Its Been A Good Summer

This summer has been a good summer. I knew it was going to be something new with all the new changes but as a returning third year staffer I had no excuses and my last week was one of my most memorable. On my last trip to Georges I met a kid named Tiago, this kid was filled with life. He told me about his love and passion for fishing and how he lives with his uncle and fish off a 45 foot boat.
Tiago Playing PaddleBall
The funniest part of my day was going home, sad to say that but it was because Tiago and I created a new game and we called it "Paddle Ball." Basically the aspect of the game was to get one bounce with a tennis ball to your opponent by slapping the tennis. This will probably be one of the most memorable things to happen to me the entire summer because it was unexpected and became huge.
Monitoring a game of PaddleBall
Everyone got involved from the kids to their counselors- even David got involved, that's when you know something is serious!

The summer had many memories and was a lot fun but with the closing of the summer I am starting college. I am going to be a freshman at Stonehill College.
A legacy that is going to be continued because a previous Lead Explorer attended the school, Conor Newman. I am very excited for my first semester of college, nervous but ready because I have a lot of support.

It has been a wonderful summer with many memories, I am very grateful I was apart of this years staff. Best Wishes

-Ahmed Hassan

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