Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fort Warren Kickball

Kickball in the Fort
Hi everyone,

This week on All Access Boston Harbor we took a trip to Georges Island. This scenic island was once used as a prison for Confederate soldiers. Not such a nice beginning, but today the scariest part of the island is the Dark Tunnel. A notorious ghost that is said to haunt the walls of the fort, she is forever bitter about the untimely death of her husband. But if you’re not afraid of ghosts and “stories” take a trip into the tunnel. Try not to scream too much, and mind the walls. I challenge you to walk through the tunnel without screaming or using any light. Not only is Georges Island a historic, beautiful place but the perfect place to play kickball. This game might have become one of the most popular, hilarious and serious game on All Access to date. Kickball has become a staple game and the sports bag is not complete without the big red rubber ball.
Wiffle Ball
Wiffle Ball Part 2

Fort Warren is a great place to hold any sports game. A nice big, grassy field in the middle of the fort can hold anything from the favorite: kickball to wiffle ball. The fort itself is a maze of interesting hallways, dead ends and exciting turns. The long boat ride is most definitely worth it. Come on out to Georges, we have games, tours and if you like to fish this is the place for you. 

Don't forget your sunscreen,
Ruth Scott

P.S: Always bring water if you come out to any of the Islands, it's hot and no one should get dehydrated. It's not fun

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