Thursday, July 31, 2014

Seas-ing the day at McDonough!

Today at McDonough Sailing Center I got to do something very exciting- sail! I went out with some of my favorite campers- Mae, Lauren, Chloe, and Allie- and their favorite sailing instructor, Katie! 

nervous but excited!
I took sailing lessons as a child in Connecticut, but I remember always being extremely nervous on the small Optis we learned on. I even remember crying some days before camp because I was too afraid to go! Ever since then, I have never been fully comfortable on a sailboat- the keeling over feels very unnatural to me, and my instinct is usually to jump off if it keels over too far! However, I absolutely love water activities and all other kinds of boating, so I decided I would use my time at the McDonough Sailing Center this summer to conquer my fear. After about a month of thinking about it, I finally asked the girls if they thought it would be okay for me to join them on their next sailing lesson. It was an overwhelming 'yes'- they were all really excited to bring me on board and show me their knot tying and tacking skills! 

Mae, Lauren, Chloe, Allie, Katie, and I about to push off!

I was nervous at first, but the girls assured me that it would be a lot of fun, and that we wouldn't capsize- so I strapped on my lifejacket and climbed into the boat. It was an exciting feeling to become reacquainted with a sailboat- I realized it's like riding a bike, even after all these years I still remember exactly what to do with the tiller, mainsheet, centerboard, and jib! While I wasn't allowed to sail the boat today since it was pretty windy, I'm hoping that by the end of the summer I will get another chance to get out on the water and test out my skills! 

-Kelly Randall-

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