Thursday, July 31, 2014

Amazing Moments

Alex Holding His First Crab Ever
This week at Piers Park I had the chance to be part of what I think was a really important part of a young child's life. I had been working with a boy named Alex for the past two weeks and he has never touched a crab, so this week I made it my mission to show Alex that crabs are not harmful if you hold them the right way. After we had caught a few crabs there was one that had no claws and I thought, "that's going to be the first crab that Alex will hold!" After a few seconds of playing with the crab and showing him that it was harmless, Alex worked up the courage and he held the crab all by himself. I think I was more excited then he was to see him holding his first crab. Since then Alex is now able to hold the little crabs with ease, and he is slowly getting more comfortable holding the bigger crabs- I'm fine with that because Rome wasn't built in a day!
The Lobster We Caught

McDonough has been really amazing this week because most of the kids that never touch the fishing rods or the crab trap are all now active and involved. I really love it when I see all the new kids working together and doing something for the first time. Before they try fishing or crabbing they say it's difficult but once they start there's no stopping them. This week we have been fortunate enough to catch lobsters. This attracts even more kids because most of them have never held a lobster before and when they do they are always ecstatic and can't hold their excitement in!

Jazeel Mendes

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