Friday, July 25, 2014

Holy Crab!

I had a great time at Courageous Sailing Center today. During my time there I taught these two kids how to fish. I can tell that they really enjoyed it. They were interested in fishing because they normally see fish when they are sailing during the day, but they were never able to take the time to actually try and catch fish. It was their first time fishing and it was a success! One of the kids caught a green crab. The crab was on the end of his line trying to eat his bait.
We always tell the kids to watch out when handling crabs, because their claws hurt if they pinch you. Although we tell them this, they often don't believe us. After a long debate of whether or not crabs pincers actually hurt or not, I decided to take it into my own hands. I decided to get pinched on purpose by a crab. It was a learning experience for both the kids and myself. At the end of the day we all learned that crab pincers are nothing to play with.   

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