Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The sea life

Hey it's Marco and today we caught an amazing stripe bass. Each day we have caught crabs ,spider crabs and  some fish.  The types of crabs we catch are called green crabs and they are an invasive species from Asia they have been here for a long time. Wednesday we came to work and it stated raining which was not fun. On Thursday we have a tournament for fishing which will be a lot of fun.this weekend we have a sand castle competition which I think is so cool. I'm so happy because within a week of being here I have been able to conquer my fear of being able to hold crabs  and I'm really excited about it because that is one of the small goals I had hoped to accomplish this summer. This summer is going great because I'm getting to work with little kids and with people who are so nice. I can't wait to spend more time with save the harbor save the bay this summer because I know each day is going to be more and more fun.

Our first catch of the summer
I will see you all at the Children's Museum!


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