Sunday, July 27, 2014

Crab Stand

It's 9:00am on the dot and all I could think about is the rest of my day at Blacks Creek. I haven't been to the creek in a while seeing how we had so many field trips and what not. I really missed the place. The bumpiness of the road and the smell of the creek brought back a bunch of memories and boy was I ready to come back. At first there were only about two kids, the greyness of the sky gave a few parents a scare I suppose. I took a quick jog to the rest rooms all the way across the entire field, after coming back there were about 12 kids there. "Hey Man , wassup ?" And high fives were everywhere around me. Kids were splashing and playing in the water, some in the sand making a castle or two, but they were all smiling. Nets were moving left in right in the water catching crab after crab. Crabs were popping up everywhere as if staged by the kids. We held one of the crabs up to the bucket and it clipped on with its claws. It was doing a hand stand, or what we decided to call a claw stand. It was a pretty cool sight to see and it was funny too. We all had a few laughs and kept doing it with numerous crabs- it was definently the highlight of the day!

- Chemar David

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