Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time for a little change

So mostly everyone got switched to different sites and I was moved to Community Boating and Courageous Sailing Center. It is very different from what I have been doing at Piers Park and McDonough but it's ok. At Community Boating I have already caught twelve fish in the past two days which is pretty awesome. I don't even have to use a fishing pole to catch fish there. I just put some corn on a hook on a short piece of line and leave it in the water for a few minutes and BAM I catch a little sunfish. It's so different from Piers Park because there are many more kids at Piers than Community Boating and all that is caught for the most part are little green crabs. So I like that I have finally caught something this summer and it was really exciting for me. 

One of the kids at Community Boating after catching a sunfish
Me casting off with live eel bait
At Courageous there are more kids then at Community Boating that get super excited when they see fish and go down to the dock to see what got caught in the traps. Also some get a bit too excited when we offer the idea of killing a crab for bait. At McDonough not too many kids want to kill the crabs for bait, same at Piers Park. They always question why we do it and some say that its mean and all this other stuff. Working at these two locations is definitely another new experience and very different from what I was used to doing since the beginning of the summer but so far it's ok. I am definitely looking forward to working at these two sites and am hoping for many stories that I can tell others just like I had many stories to tell when I was at my other two sites. 

Until my next blog, Esmeralda Mendez

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