Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ummmm.... Tautog?

Our staff is already as awesome as they can come, but when my groups SHE Sam Schreiber noticed two Tautog Fish also known as Black Fish, at, Courageous Sailing Center, we knew that today was a new day. The first to ask me what type of fish we were looking at was another younger camper that also attends, Piers Park named Isiah. Our Monday was just getting better and better! Sam explained to us that we had to be careful in our attempt to score the fish. He informed Isiah and I that these fish were like no other, and their teeth were unique and could CRUSH BONE!

After being informed that they mostly eat crab, you could guess what the mission was....

Isiah caught a crab!

In our strongest efforts, we could not obtain the two beautiful Tautog. Isiah was not upset, he had hope and asked if they were at the dock a lot, then Preston who works the Courageous Sailing Center more than Sam and I told us that they have been around for a week. Despite the Tautog not being caught we all had a great day with catching crabs, and learning new ways of setting up rigs with Sam! Its been a successful first half of the week, and cannot wait for the rest! Logging Out

-Ahmed M. Hassan

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