Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Elusive Striper

Hello All,

On Monday at the Children's Museum, we caught an elusive striped bass that swims in the Fort Point Channel. Team Children's Museum often sees the fish swimming to the surface to munch on some bread around 2 or 3 PM. On this day, Sam, one of our Senior Harbor Educators, was determined to get the striper out of the water.

Team Children's Museum with the Winning Catch
He started with a simple bread hook with no weight attached. Candido, one of our Lead Harbor Explorers, directed Sam to the area that was most promising. It was only 11 AM, but Candido spotted a striper swimming alone near the bridge. Sam casted out with the hopes that the fish would take a nibble; his prey took a bite. When Sam knew that the striper was securely on his line, he slowly reeled the fish in. The tricky part was pulling the fish up 15 feet and getting it over the railing without losing it. Candido tied a rope to a fishing net, threw it into the water, and scooped up the striper. Many people nearby stopped to watch Sam reel in the fish that was about 35 inches and at least 15 lbs.

The Elusive Sriped Bass and I

After we took pictures with the striper and showed the fish to the kids, we put it back in the water, so it could swim freely. Hopefully, we'll catch one again soon. 

See you on the pier,

Iris Ayala

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