Monday, July 28, 2014

The Pains and Gains of Kickball

Public Service Announcement: When you chose to engage in kickball with David Coffin please make sure you are wearing proper attire. This includes helmet, mouth guard, knee pads and elbow pads.
Thank you

Hello all,
Respect the Kickball
Take it seriously
Today was interesting to say the least. Naturally with Spectacle Island comes kickball. Apparently with kickball comes David Coffin and with David Coffin comes a tide of unintentional airborne girls and boys, mainly myself. I recommend that if you are not Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali or Achilles you should not try to stop David. He has the hilarious affect of sending me and a couple other Save the Harbor/Save the Bay staff flying in his wake. The effect can be best described as bowling pins. I wasn't expecting to fly that day but nevertheless it was nice to levitate for a few seconds. It's not everyday you get to feel weightless. Although I'd prefer zero gravity to being thrown, it's still a good way to feel as though you weigh literally nothing. The landing is not as pleasant but what can you do but roll over, laugh and get up again. Even though today's experience was not kept to Earth, it was just as grounded in Save the Harbor/Save the Bay rules as the trees on Spectacle Island. It was cloudy today but that didn't stop me from swimming. Even though Spectacle Island has a fantastic beach that I would recommend to the president it was not as as pleasant without any sun to warm you up. I've never known water to burn but as of today I have experience. I should probably extend my public service announcement to include ideal swimming conditions. Although I didn't stay on Earth for a little today and have felt the true feeling of numb toes, I still recommend Spectacle Island as one of my favorite harbor islands. Though I might just take up fishing, I think it has a higher rate of keeping all participates on the ground.
Swimming Anyone?

Be careful and stay safe,
Ruth Scott

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