Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fishing 101

This week was a very interesting and entertaining one. Save the Harbor along with the Boys and Girls Club came together and had a huge fishing tournament in The Harbor. I was paired with one of the kids from the Boys and Girls club; his name was Sammy. Sammy is a upcoming senior who has done amazing activities including diving and snorkeling. However, Sammy had never gone fishing before and was a bit disturbed at the thought of holding the fish and cutting up the bait. It reminded me of myself before I started to take the same risks he was facing. I told him about how I was afraid of touching worms and always wanted someone else to put my bait on for me. I told him that things like this will happen. Worms, particularly sand worms, do look reallllllyyy gross but  I knew that after he caught his first fish he would want to put his own bait on to get back to fishing. He was still a bit shook up, so we decided to pair up as a team and fish. I first showed him how the fishing rod works starting with the correct finger placement and ending with tugging and reeling when a fish was biting. I then gave him the rod and let him have at it. Not too long after I saw him throwing his line out, tightening the slack and even switching his own bait. He seemed more experienced than me ! I came over a few times and asked how things were going, but I was sure he knew exactly what to do . Not too long after that Sammy caught a nice sized flounder! It made me happy that I taught someone how to fish and that he caught one without my help.

Me Explaining How to Use the Rod
Sam Fishing by himself

- Chemar David

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