Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Visitors at the Children's Muesum

Today at the Children's Museum, the people from the New England Aquarium brought a penguin to put on display. The penguin's name was "Roast Beef". It was a big African penguin, and it attracted a lot of visitors at the Children's Museum. I got take a picture of the penguin. Roast Beef and I had a lot in common, because we are both from similar places.

We also caught a lot of crabs and little choggies. The first day we tried to fish didn't really go well, because we used bread as bait. Today, we used squid, quahogs, and mackerel as bait, and it was much better. The fish and crabs liked to eat the bait we used. By lunch time, we caught 12 green crabs, 4 spider crabs, and 4 choggies. With the bait that we used, we even caught a big eel. I wonder what we'll catch tomorrow.

Children checking out the eel

Until next time,

Abdullahi Abdi

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