Friday, July 18, 2014

Good Talk

Yesterday I had the chance to meet a girl named Niya at Camp Harbor View, who reminded me of myself when I was younger.  She was obsessed sports including lacrosse, basketball, and cross country.  We talked for hours about sports, our favorite players and why we liked the sports we did.  She then continued to tell me about her love for beaches, which was very passionate for a girl of her age.  She described how beaches are so peaceful and fun and how she loves just running in the sand and playing sports with her friends or family at the beach.

Niya also told me how she was struggling to make friends because people thought she was to competitive during sports due to her high levels of passion which show in her athletic peformance.  I simply told her that making friends can be hard sometimes especially at a camp where you do not know a lot of people.  So I suggested that during sports she should focus more on fun and less on intensity in order to meet more people.  I told her to save some of the intensity for her seasons during the school year and to focus on meeting people.

- Maxwell Kennedy-Reid

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