Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Give me that fillet of fish

Yesterday, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's Senior Marine Educators joined Bruce Berman and our 2013 Junior Program Assistants for a day of fish, fun and sun as part of our staff training week. We started the morning at the Bank of America Pavilion getting to know each other with introductions and a fun-fact ice breaker, thanks to Sarah Chang.

Then we headed outside, overlooking the harbor, to learn how to fillet a giant striped bass that Bruce had caught just the day before.
A beautiful striped bass
We checked out the scales and and the different parts of the fish before Bruce started filleting. A few brave souls tried their hand at filleting as well as soon enough we had 2 big fillets. 

Sarah cuts into the fish, being careful to avoid the spine. 
Filleting the fish
Bruce put some of the fish in a cup with lime juice and ginger and left the fish to cook in the acid--a classic ceviche preparation. We then continued to dissect the fish and learned about its gills, its stomach, its heart and more. It was a little gross and a lot interesting! Finally we got to eat the fish in two preparations: ceviche and sashimi with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi. The fish couldn't have been any fresher!
Sashimi striped bass and ceviche
The whole group at the Bank of America Pavilion 
After this, we walked over to the aquarium and took a short board ride over to George's Island. With David Coffin, our Boston Harbor historian, we got to explore Fort Warren and the island, and imagined what this island would be like on a day with an All Access Boston Harbor trip full of kids. David led us through the dark passages of the fort, told us stories and tricks of the trade--which you can find out if you go on one of our All Access trips! 

Going into Fort Warren

On top of the fort, overlooking the harbor

David Coffin is a great guide and explorer
David challenged us to do something new today and we accomplished that. In the bakery of the fort, we found a giant oven and our smallest member, Bridget, got inside to see if she would fit! 

I hear baked Bridget is delicious
Finally, we ended the day on the beach. We skipped rocks, learned about crabs and starfish, and threw our "Simply Marble-ous" Treasure Hunt marbles into the water. It was a beautiful day and everyone had lots of fun. This is gong to be a great summer!

Exploring the beach on George's Island
--Rachel Frenkil
Communications and Events Summer Intern

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