Thursday, July 11, 2013

Playing in the Rain

Not even a little rain could dampen the spirits at Piers Park Sailing Center! After a few intense games of Sharks & Minnows, our fearless Harbor Explorers decided to brave the rain, don their life jackets and head down to the dock to check out the lobster and crab traps. Unfortunately, aside from a few crabs, the lobster trap came up empty. The crab traps, on the other hand, were a success! The kids were so excited about our excellent haul and the impending crab race that we didn’t even notice how soaking wet we were all getting.

Daniel, Jack and Shane posing with our fresh bait,
courtesy of our friend, Bill of Leading Seafood (Boston Fish Pier).

Crabs galore!

Eventually, Mother Nature won out and after some sounds of thunder, we retreated to the covered tent area. But the fun continued and things got pretty silly during a marine animals guessing game. Things learned from today’s adventures include: Vinh is the most intense Sharks & Minnows player ever; Jack is fearless when it comes to touching fish innards; and, Christine is the strictest crab race referee in all of East Boston.

Trying to guess their marine animals based off clues from their friends. 

Even though we had a lovely rain day, a little sunshine wouldn’t be so bad…

-Sarah C

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